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Working Together to Make a Difference
Building Positive Relationships with Families

The Durham Foster Parent Association's goal is to make a difference in the lives of children and their families. We work together as partners to improve methods that affect our children in care. With patience, kindness, knowledge, guidance and an understanding we hope to make a difference in the lives of the children and their families. We know that it is not easy to care for someone else’s child and, that it will be extremely difficult for the child in care. It takes an amount of energy, skill, respect, perseverance and love. Being a foster parent is an honorable and rewarding experience that will last a lifetime for you, your family and the children you care for. Together as a group of caring partners we share ideas, skills, knowledge and education.

All children will face challenges and regrettably, face disappointments at one time or another. When family creates an unhealthy environment for a child and removal from the home may become necessary, our hopes would be that with the right supports put in place and a good working relationship with the family, that many of our children will return to a safe home. The objective of foster care is to provide the child with a healthy family environment to facilitate child development. Foster care strives to create an environment which promotes positive relationships between the caregiver, the child and the child’s family. When a child is entering foster care, kinship or adoption, they come with a tremendous amount of loss. Losses that include birth parents, extended family, home, pets, schools, friends, personal belongings, and in some cases culture. We are a diverse society and one where culture, language, religion, and values must be respected and safeguarded


The ideal plan is to reunite children with their family. Many families with the support of CAS and foster parents, could very likely reunite with their children. When a reunion is not possible, the plan may include adoption, kinship care or long-term foster care. Foster Parents work by helping children cope with the grief and trauma of being removed from their home. Foster Parents are committed to giving the children the dignity they deserve. Children need to express their feelings freely and we recognize that children’s fears, sadness and anger can have long-lasting effects on their lives. With perseverance, validation and empowerment, many children will have the ability to face challenges and to endure them with courage.

Children have been and continue to be the most oppressed, exploited and victimized group of human beings on the planet. Children remain the most voiceless and the most discriminated against group of people in all societies. While every adult group has fought for and won basic human rights protections and freedom, children remain the only group of human beings without the same rights to equality, respect, protection from bodily harm and freedom of speech. It is unthinkable and unjust that we have stopped short  of fully including children when we fight so hard to establish basic human rights protections for all people. We need to be voices for children and  fight for children's voices to be heard. We need to advocate for kids' sake. Children need to know their rights and their rights need to be respected! It is always our goal to keep our foster children's best interest at the forefront at all times.


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 This website would not be possible without the help and support of many foster and kinship parents. We are grateful to you and appreciate all your support.

Thank you from your Durham F.P.A.


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